Self Catering Cottages

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Self Catering Cottages

Self Catering Cottages in Bridlington are becoming one of the most popular forms of holidaying in the beautiful seaside town.

Bridlington in East Yorkshire has many options in terms of self catering with many being flats and multi story apartments.  The Daisy Chain Holiday bungalows, however, in Sewerby, Bridlington are unusual in that they are effectively Self Catering Cottages.

As self catering cottages, daisy chain holidays can offer the luxury of the four star rated accommodation together the accessibility of ground floor accommodation where the living and bedroom space is al on the same floor.

Daisy Chain Holidays self catering cottages are ideally located to provide easy access to both Bridlington and the village of Sewerby.  Just a short walk from the front door of the Self Catering Cottages is a stop on the Bridlington Land train which has a lovely route along the cliffe top to either Bridlington and Leisure World at one end and Sewerby Hall on the other end.

Daisy Chain Holidays offer ground floor accommodation and not forgetting the fully enclosed gardens which are ideal for families with pets.  There is a small additional charge for dogs but as dog lovers ourselves we are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to dog owners.

In gerneral self catering cottages are more homely than apartments as you have the entire run of the property and are not just one in many in the block of apartments.

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  1. Dear sir.
    Is it at all possible to receive a rental tariff?

    • Hello

      Sorry for the late reply. The tariff page on the website should already contain the rates for this year and next.

      Kind regards

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